Judging by the meaning of the meaning of colors in the theme of the wedding, the bride and groom must know

Judging by the meaning of the meaning of colors in the theme of the wedding, the bride and groom must know

Choosing a trusted  wedding venue Bali is not enough to enliven your wedding event. Because the impression of a wedding itself can be obtained from the use of certain colors in the decoration of the wedding room. Each color has its own meaning, so you shouldn't choose it carelessly. Here are the meanings of each color in a wedding that you must know.

The Meaning of Color in a Wedding Party

1. White

The white color means purity, purity, majesty, and freshness. Containing a good meaning for marriage, many lovers are interested in using white at their wedding parties. Besides looking clean and elegant, white is also easy to combine with various other colors that make it look special.

2. Red

Red is no less popular as the color of wedding party decorations. If in everyday life the color red means brave, in weddings this light color is symbolized as strength and luck. Pair red with other matching colors to suppress the impression of being overwhelming.

3. Gold

For those of you who want to give the impression of luxury and elegance, generally Bali wedding venue will recommend gold as a solution. The color gold also symbolizes prosperity and can be combined with other colors, to create an elegant impression but not too much to look at.

4. Blue

When you look at blue, you can feel a peace and a coolness at one time. No wonder the blue color is used as the best color for weddings. Besides giving a calming impression, blue is also able to create an elegant impression when used for wedding decoration.

5. Silver

So far, gray is known as the color of sadness, so it is considered unsuitable for a wedding party. However, silver color is different, because the silver sparkle that is emitted has succeeded in creating an elegant and luxurious impression. Meanwhile, in the wedding itself, the color silver symbolizes seriousness in terms of glamor.

6. Purple

Do you still think purple is the color of widows? Looks like these thoughts have to be thrown far away from now on. Because the meaning of the color purple in marriage is symbolized as greatness for the nobility, power, and magic. You can choose a dark purple color to make the wedding look luxurious and full of meaning.

7. Black

Black has been known as the gloomy color and symbolizes death. But in marriage, black is interpreted as assertiveness and a symbol of strength. Black also looks elegant when combined with other majestic colors. So there is no need to be afraid to ask the Bali wedding venue team to decorate your wedding party in black.

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