Who Do You Trust as Your Best Forex Broker?

The forex market is only partly fueled by the circulation of currencies. One other thing that powers the market is trust. A lot of trust that is at stake; people trust the central banks to regulate the money supply and the government to regulate trade policies. 
Who Do You Trust as Your Best Forex Broker?
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More tangible is the trust between the people and forex brokers, who provide the extensive network that connects traders, making the market more liquid and reliable. When a broker turns to a life of crime and scam, the forex market is in danger of losing the people’s trust in the system.

This is why forex brokers are not only regulated by government agencies, but also self-regulated by the people’s trust. That being said, forex brokers who have existed for so long, and have served thousands of traders, are more likely to remain trustworthy.

Here is proof that FBS, a long-standing player in the forex brokerage industry, is a forex broker that you can trust.

1. FBS has been reviewed countless of times by independent review sites

When it comes to reviews on something as life-changing as financial and trading tools, it is difficult for people to lie. Independent review sites like Forex Ratings and Daily Forex receive dozens of new requests from unreviewed forex broker products daily, to be featured on the sites. If the platform turns out to be a scam, users could already lash out within 48 hours. 

However, FBS has already existed as a forex trading platform for more than 10 years, and has rarely received extremely negative reviews by sites like Forex Ratings, Daily Forex and Trustpilot

2. FBS has had many positive personal recommendations

A scammy broker operates in the dark. However, FBS is proud to showcase actual clusters of happy user communities across public social media platforms. These communities regularly hold educational meetings to guide new users on how to trade safely and effectively. 

Because of this community-driven reputation, we receive new members every month. This is no coincidence, of course. The attractive qualities of FBS forex trading platform is often naturally marketed through word-of-mouth and personal recommendations.

3. Regulatory organizations approves of FBS

Europe is one of the most stringent places in the world with regards to any regulation that concerns the safety and health of the public. Naturally, it is extremely difficult to gain approval from regulatory organizations in Europe if the forex broker is obviously a scam. 

Yet the Belizean financial organization has gained approval from regulatory bodies in not just the Americas, but also the Eurozone, in particular the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). 

FBS’s international reputation is a statement to its long-standing success as a forex broker that prioritizes people over profit. Learn more about the FBS.

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